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Food menu

Our promise is to provide delicious, healthy, nutritious balanced meals that our children will enjoy.

The Food Menu at the before and after school club is well-researched and provides a variety of meals that will educate the children in new flavours and different cultures and, of course, it always includes some old favourites. Because the children regularly help us to prepare food we can discuss what we’d like to eat each week and really value the children’s input. Every meal is freshly cooked on-site and in summer we love picnics in the outdoors and BBQs at Forest School.


The breakfast menu changes daily to offer children something different such as Boiled Eggs & Soldiers, Scrambled Eggs on Toast, Overnight Oats, or Pancakes & Blueberries but always includes Toast and a selection of Cereals.


Our tea menu is on a 16-day rotation so children have a chance to experience the whole menu regardless of which days they attend. There is always a yummy dessert such as Fruit, Rice Pudding, Cream Tea, Yoghurt or Fruity Whip and whole milk or water are always readily available.

Winter 2023/24 Menu

Day 1 – Chinese Chilli chicken with whole meal rice 
Day 2 – Pesto and broccoli pasta
Day 3 – Cheesy pizza beans
Day 4 – Tender beef cottage pie and seasonal vegetables 
Day 5 – Healthy hot dogs with crispy salad 

Day 6 – Tofu curry and naan bread 
Day 7 – Wholemeal spaghetti and meatball soup
Day 8 – Roast chicken dinner and stuffing
Day 9 – Bacon and cauliflower pasta bake 
Day 10 – Moroccan chickpea tagine

Day 11 – Jacket potatoes with various toppings 
Day 12 – Beef stew and herby dumplings 
Day 13 – Slow cooker polish sausage and rice
Day 14 – Frittata Provençal (with sundried tomatoes and goats’ cheese)
Day 15 – Steak and vegetable pie 

Day 16 – Creamy fish pie, peas and sweetcorn


An example of our menu...