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Food menu

Our promise is to provide delicious, healthy, nutritious balanced meals that our children will enjoy.

The Food Menu at the before and after school club is well-researched and provides a variety of meals that will educate the children in new flavours and different cultures and, of course, it always includes some old favourites. Because the children regularly help us to prepare food we can discuss what we’d like to eat each week and really value the children’s input. Every meal is freshly cooked on-site and in summer we love picnics in the outdoors and BBQs at Forest School.


The breakfast menu changes daily to offer children something different such as Boiled Eggs & Soldiers, Scrambled Eggs on Toast, Overnight Oats, or Pancakes & Blueberries but always includes Toast and a selection of Cereals.


Our tea menu is on a 16-day rotation so children have a chance to experience the whole menu regardless of which days they attend. There is always a yummy dessert such as Fruit, Rice Pudding, Cream Tea, Yoghurt or Fruity Whip and whole milk or water are always readily available.

Summer 2024 Menu

Day 1 – Make your own Muffin Pizza’s. Choose your toppings let’s get chopping
Day 2 – Whole meal sandwiches with your favourite fillings
Day 3 – Ploughman’s Platter – pork pie, sausage rolls, chutney, crackers, cherry toms cucumber, pickled onions and cheese chunks
Day 4 – Afternoon tea with scones, cream and fresh strawberries
Day 5 – Delicious fish, try this dish – Salmon and spring onion cous cous

Day 6 – From soft and creamy to hard and crumbly, tuck into The Old Schools cheese board with crackers, relish, carrot batons and celery sticks
Day 7 – Fill your roll with fishfingers and crispy salad
Day 8 – Go Italian with Gnocchi alla Romana (tomato and garlic)
Day 9 – Cross the Med and indulge in a Moroccan chicken salad
Day 10 – Back home for British, Butchers, Burgers, cobs and salad

Day 11 – Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, Jacket potatoes with tuna and coleslaw and red and yellow peppers
Day 12 –  Creamy pea and green bean risotto with a sumptuous sprinkling of parmesan
Day 13 – Silky shiny tofu marinated with Japanese Teriyaki flavours with salad, soya dressing and encased in whole meal wraps and or milky mozzarella, pesto and ripe tomato wraps
Day 14 – Velvety cauliflower cheese and chunky, seasoned potato wedges
Day 15 –  Whole meal pasta and crispy bacon with an herby sauce and shredded lettuce

Day 16 – Soft and steamy garlic butter crumpet bake and sides of sweetcorn


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